About Us

We serve our food on sticks

With our restaurant called Everything on a Stick, you can expect to get all your food served on sticks! In total we have daily fresh dishes, or you can mix and match your won selection from our card on a dinner platter.

How we came up with this idea

The idea of serving food on sticks comes from food stands on the sideways of streets. On our journeys over the world we have picked up this idea of serving daily fresh food in a unique way and we want to share these experiences with you! Hereby we combine our love for quality food and shared dining.

Sharing is caring

We follow a very simply philosophy: Sharing is Caring. Therefore our menu is designed for shared dining and the social interaction this entails and encourages. Our dished can be easily shared amongst groups or enjoyed individually, enables everyone at the table to fully enjoy all our menu has to offer.

Open and contemporary venue

The design features an open and contemporary concept allowing you to have a shared dining experience which is also ideal for celebrations, special events and private parties.

Food truck – Sticks on tour

Have you already spotted our foodtruck throughout Amsterdam? Don’t miss out on all the special bites and check our tour dates on our blog.

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